Since qualifying second, he was the second to last to ride. He had a lot of catching up to do if he wanted the win. But Scotty wanted it bad. He dropped into the course and continued to stomp big trick after big trick including a double tailwhip followed immediately by another incredible tailwhip off the wall. And he didn't stop there. He rode fast and busted the biggest and smoothest frontflip of the night, keeping the already ecstatic crowd on its feet. This run posted the highest score of the night, 93.5. About his first win of the Tour, Scotty said, I'm really really psyched. I never thought I would be in this position. I grew up having posters of these guys on my wall. It's amazing just to be here."


It seems like Sotty has been around forever. He was only 10 years old when he was riding with us in NFL Half-time shows in front of 70,000 people! Although we've known and ridden with him since he was just a young pup, many people never heard the name Scotty Cranmer until 2005, the year he made his mark on the world of BMX. With a controversial 2nd place in the X Games XI and the series overall 2nd place in the Dew Action Sports Tour, this 19-year old looks to be unstoppable! But this young veteran is just getting started - will he be the next super power of the sport? Only time will tell, and Scotty's got a long career ahead of him. We are all proud of you, son - GIVE 'EM HELL, CRANMER!

Dew Top Ten Tour Moments

  Panasonic Filming
  2nd Place Year End Points Standing - Dew Action Sports Tour, Park - 2005
1st Place - Dew Action Sports Tour, Orlando, Park - 2005
1st Place - Vans Let it Ride BMX Jam, Park - 2005
2nd Place - Dew Action Sports Tour, San Jose, Park - 2005
2nd Place - Dew Action Sports Tour, Portland, Park - 2005
Silver Medal - X Games, Bike Park - 2005
3rd Place - Dew Action Sports Tour, Louisville, Park - 2005
2nd Place - Bike 2005, Street - 2005
1st Place - Van's Triple Crown, Huntington, CA, Park - 2004
2nd Place - Van's Triple Crown, Street Overall Standing - 2004
3rd Place - LG Action Sports World Championship, Park - 2004
8th Place - Gravity Games, Bike Street - 2004
2nd Place - Vans Triple Crown, Denver, CO, Street - 2004
5th Place - Vans Triple Crown, Salt Lake City, UT, Street - 2004
2nd Place - Roots Jam, Street - 2004
2nd Place - UGP Roots Jam - 2004
4th Place - UBMX P.I.G. Contest - 2004
9th Place - CFB Woodward West - 2004
1st place - UGP Roots Jam - 2003
9th Place - Metro Jam Contest - 2003
7th place - CFB Woodward West - 2003
3rd Place -Vans Triple Crown of BMX - 2003
7th place - LG Action Sports - 2003
19th place - X Games - 2003
Featured in an episode of ABC's Family Reality TV Show Switched - 2004
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