Scotty Wins First Stop of Dew Tour '06

A series of five major, multi-sport Tour events that boasted the biggest competitive purse in action sports last year is back again in 2006. Dew Actions Sports Tour got underway on June 22 in Louisville, KY and Scotty Cranmer leads off the tour series with a home run in BMX Park.

Many people have been anticipating big wins from Scotty; with a win at the Dew Tour Finals in Orlando last year, a win at a Las Vegas comp shortly after, and this win in Louisville, it appears that the kid has a streak on his hands. Will he take the cup this year? He's certainly off to a good start.
Here are the Final results:
  1 - Scotty Cranmer
2 - Ryan Guettler
3 - Daniel Dhers
4 - Dave Mirra
5 - Josh Harrington
6 - Alistar Whitton
7 - Allan Cooke
8 - Diogo Canina
9 - Morgan Wade
10 - Gary Young
11 - Ryan Nyquist
12 - David Dillewaard

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