DJ Lady Tribe
Born in Los Angeles, Tribe came up on the culturally diverse street scene of underground graffiti art and hip-hop lifestyle. Feeding off of this energy, the soon to be famed female graffiti artist, picked up a spray can and wrote her name on a wall. It was at this very moment that Tribe realized her passion, which became obsession for the following 9 years. Tribe began her creative expression at the tender age of 13, laying down her mark in various forms citywide. Beginning with simple tags on the interior of local buses, Tribe soon understood the notoriety that comes with those small five-letter throw ups. Soon enough, the young thrill-seeker began endeavors that made heads turn. Tribe would hang off of busy freeway overpasses, bomb moving buses, and climb the tallest of billboards, all for the glory that comes from those five letters - TRIBE.

And then the realization came, Tribe was not just a name that she wrote; it became her purpose. A spray can became her extended self, allowing freedom of expression, and her own claim to fame. But fame has its price.

Tribe made as many enemies as she did comrades. Haters of her fame, wanting her name, or simply refusing to accept that a 5' 2" female had the game, throwing up murals in places they didn't think of first. The LA police department, who wanted to take away her idea of first amendment rights, and did so, fast and furiously, during an early morning raid on her family's home. Despite all the hardships and conflict, Tribe will never hesitate to say it was all worth it.

And as Tribe has surpassed her initial dream of being part of the culture that inspired her in her beloved Los Angeles, she has reinvented the passion that began so many years ago. DJ Lady Tribe has arrived, as one of the youngest and hottest female DJ's in the fiercely competitive Los Angeles club scene. Holding down residencies at some of the hottest clubs in Los Angeles and making frequent trips to spin the wheels of steel at cities around the globe. A recent feature by Fox News in Los Angeles has brought new awareness to her rising star, with features on national TV shows, major magazines, major music videos, and major motion pictures, there is no doubt Tribe is one to watch. You can catch DJ Lady Tribe on the 2005 Hot Import Nights Tour coming to a city near you.

Source: Oneworld Entertainment