NFL Jaguars Halftime Show
Mascot de Ville goes down!

It was the season opener for the Jacksonville Jaguars. A sold out crowd over 70,000 people in attendance. The boys rode great, hit all their usual big tricks, but what made things interesting to us was the crazy mascot of the Jaguars, Action Jaxson de Ville.

This world famous stunt cat frequently parachutes into the stadium, repels off the roof, among many other things. And for his 10 year Anniversary, he wanted to ride with us in the show. He didn't even practice, he told us before the show he was just going to go ALL OUT and whatever happens, happens. So we couldn't wait to see this jump!

So at the end of our show, de Ville got on our give-away X Games Moto Bike and he hit that ramp with everything he had. He looked pretty good until the landing, and went down in a blaze of glory. THE FANS WENT NUTS! De Ville is OK, and his fur-flying antics definitely added some extra excitement to our show.

We would like to thank the fans and all our friends in Jacksonville, and off course much respect to Jaxson de Ville! We are going to try to sit down with him for an interview towards the end of the season.



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