Giving Back to the Troops
- Urban Street Bike Warriors -

On Labor Day weekend, some of the country’s top street bike stunt riders traveled to Guantanamo Bay, Cuba to entertain the troops. Members of Xclusive Freestyle Riderz, including “Ill” Bill Knight, Joe “eXeFeR” Yeradi, Jeff “Pretty Boy” Howlett and “Ray Ray” Zalneraitis, teamed up with other riders from across the country including Chris “Teach” McNeil, Kyle Woods, and Korno to form Urban Street Bike Warriors, headed by film maker Drew Stone.

The riders all met at a military base in Jacksonville , Fla. They and their motorcycles were then transported by military aircraft to Guantanamo Bay to entertain the troops with their breathtaking stunt show. During the show, the bikers thanked the men and women for their sacrifices and had a moment of silence for those who lost their lives for their country.

The entire show was filmed by Bud Productions and Drew Stone and will soon be available to the public. This was one of many shows done internationally throughout the year.

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