NOPI Nationals
Motorsports Supershow 2006
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It was our 3rd year heading out to the Atlanta Motor Speedway for NOPI, and once again, it proved itself to be the biggest sport compact event in the world with well over 100,000 people in attendance. 7,000 show cars and trucks, a plethora of sponsors and vendors, 53 girls in the bikini contest, and of course the NOPI Chicks. The unbelievable lineup of entertainment included Girls Jello wrestling, Drift Expo, Hydrolic Contest, Burnout Competition, XBox Lounge, performances by Skid Row, and Atlanta native Ludacris. Did you catch all that? Other celebrity sightings were - Hulk Hogan and family, the guys from Pimp My Ride and Funk Master Flex.

Hell On Wheels performed shows at various locations throughout the day, and opened up for the Ludacris concert. Needless to say, everybody had a great time. We would like to thank Mike and everybody at NOPI, J Bird and his crew, and folks at SPEED Channel for giving us such great coverage.


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