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Toms River, NJ-ERS Motorsports and Hell On Wheels Productions today launched an unprecedented promotional campaign that combines the speed of stock car racing with the thrills of extreme sports. Today, fans were given their first look at Ryan Seaman's 06 Monte Carlo emblazoned with the Hell On Wheels logo and website address (

Ryan Seaman, racecar driver in NASCAR's Busch North Series, hailed the joint effort as a boon for fans of ERS Motorsports and Hell On Wheels. "Like race fans, followers of Hell On Wheels like fast and edgy entertainment," said NASCAR driver Ryan Seaman. "It's natural for us to want to work together," Seaman said. Viewed as a promising candidate for NASCAR's national circuit, Seaman demonstrated his potential by capturing Auto Meter's Rookie of the Year award in 2004.

Hell On Wheels is one of the biggest action sports stunt show in the country. The show features some of the word's top athletes on bicycles, motorcycles, skateboards and inline skates as seen at the ESPN X-Games, the NBC Gravity Games and the Dew Action Sports Tour. With a national network of riders and home bases in Toms River NJ, Dallas TX, Las Vegas NV and Orlando FL, the company is set up to tour the country at a relentless pace and plans to rack up well over 100 shows during the year. Their schedule is strategically planned to hit a diverse mixture of events reaching a wide range of audiences.

"When I found out about Ryan's success, I wanted to bring our sports together because our fans have such similar interests," said Jeff Jones, professional skateboarder and President of Hell On Wheels. "A lot of people see these cars on TV, but never get a chance to see them up-close and personal. It will be an awesome opportunity for the kids and their families at our shows." said Jones.

Both organizations are looking forward to a busy summer. Ryan Seaman will start his second full season in NASCAR's Busch Series at Lee Speedway in New Hampshire on May 15. The Busch North Series competes at racetracks

throughout Delaware, Connecticut, New York, Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, and Maine. Martin Truex, Jr., also a New Jersey native, was a winning Busch North Series driver before advancing to the NASCAR Bush Series on a full-time basis. In 2004, Truex's racing career made a major advancement when he won the championship for that Series as a driver for Chance 2 Motorsports, a company co-owned by Dale Earnhardt, Jr.
Hell On Wheels will start its national tour in April and will be bringing the team to major racetracks across the country, including some of the Busch North Series tracks where Seaman is racing. In turn, Seaman will be displaying his car at many of Hell On Wheels events in and outside of the racing industry. In addition to their national appearances, the team is also planning a local event called "Jersey Shore Summer Tour" in their hometown during the summer months.

In the recent years, Hell On Wheels has been performing shows at a multitude of race events, but Jones said that they have never had any opportunities to perform on the NASCAR tracks. "A lot of people thought that it could never be done because of the steep banking of the track" said Jones, "but it all changed at the NOPI Nationals at the Atlanta Motor Speedway last year."

On September 18, 2004, with over 110,000 in attendance, the stunt show made its way onto the official NASCAR track for the first time, and the team pulled off a flawless show. "We were able to use the bank like a take-off ramp and it actually helped us" said Jones, "the boys were flying higher than ever and the crowd went crazy." Jones has since put together a tour with equipment specifically designed for NASCAR tracks, and has had an overwhelming response. "And then I met Ryan," said Jones, "after traveling across the country, it is funny I bumped into him in my own home town. It is very interesting how everything fit together," Jones added.

Be sure to look for Ryan Seaman (ERS Motorsports) and the Hell On Wheels stunt show.


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