Cranmer Takes His Second X Games Gold
- X Games 15 BMX Freestyle Park -

Home Depot Center, Carson, CA: The contest was held on the first of its kind park for X-Games - Wood and concrete all rolled into one, with a capsule and some crazy gaps and transitions. We got to see some of the best park riders in the world adapt their moves to a wild X Games course and kill the place with fast lines and big tricks. The contest started out with the top 10 riders from the qualifiers, followed by a final with the top 5 from the first round. Corey Bohan, Ryan Guettler, Diogo Canina, Gary Young, and Scotty Cranmer made it into the final round.

It all came down to a battle between Scotty and Diogo - they spent the finals trading places on the scoreboard. Diogo charged the course pulling no handed flips, flipwhips and 360 flips. Scotty put together inovative lines and blazed through the course, hitting big tricks like double-whip backflips, frontflips and a huge flair over the capsule channel. He also did a big turndown gap from the pool coping into the box jump lip, literally jumping across the park.  In the end, Scotty edged out Diogo by 1 point (132 vs. 131) for the Gold. This was Scotty's 4th medal, his 2nd Gold at the X Games.

After winning gold in '06 and silver in '07, Scotty had to sit out most of '08 with a foot injury. He could not wait to get back in the game, but recovery was slow and frustrating. So when he finally came back, he did with vengence, hungrier and more deteremined than ever. After the win, Scotty said "This is the best day of my life! This means a world to me. It's everything I've worked for, so I couldn't be happier!"

We know that his journey back was not an easy one. So it is so good to see him back on top of his game once again. Congrats Scotty! Very proud of you.

Check out Scotty's Gold Medal runs:
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