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Scotty Cranmer, the wonder child out of Jackson, NJ, now has a few new tricks up his sleeves. One is believe it or not, the Double Tailwhip Backflip. He has made it more than once. And another is the Turndown Frontflip. And we are sure by the time you read this Scotty will have already learned something else! What are the Cranmers feeding this kid?
Update: 01/26/05 - It has been confirmed that Scotty is now making double tailwhip backflips consistently. What's next?
      Reuel Erickson, Las Vegas, NV - holds the world record of the longest backflip on a BMX bike at 58' 6". A plan in the works for him to set the new record by flipping over the HELL ON WHEELS rig "long ways" at Seventy-One feet. Reuel is currently looking for a sponsor to help pay for the construction of the massive ski jump style ramp needed to set the new record. Any takers?

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