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Some of the most popular sports in America, BMX, Freestyle Motocross, Street Bike, inline and Skateboarding are very quickly finding an expanding world wide market. A.K.A. "Extreme/Action Sports", they appeal to all people in all walks of life. Corporations large and small have already recognized them as great advertising and promotional tools. You can see evidence of this on TV commercials and in almost every magazine you open.

Being involved with HELL ON WHEELS PRODUCTIONS will be a major plus for any business or company interested in a new exciting way to promote their name or product, because our national exposure and ability to meet the audience "first hand" provide unique advertising and promotional opportunities. Our high-energy, high-profile show will capture consumer attention, create a positive identity for your brand, and stimulate the interest for your product. Our audience will go home with an experience they will always remember and a lasting impression of your company.

We have successfully promoted many popular brands including: Hotwheels, Pizza Hut, Hyundai, Corn Nuts, Speed Stick, Colgate, Kodak, Bactine, Curad, Plugg Jeans Co., Hyper Bicycles, Mongoose Bicycles, Huffy Bicycles, West Coast Choppers. Click here for testimonials.

We are an established team with years of experience in putting on shows and promoting our sponsors. Through our diverse mixture of events, you will be able to reach a wide range of markets. Our programs are designed to maximize our sponsor's exposure to the public, and working closely together, we can create a custom plan that meets your company's budget, helps you achieve your marketing goals, and enables you to get the most out of your sponsorship dollars.

A wide variety of sponsorship programs are available
For a full promotional package or questions regarding sponsorship opportunities, contact our marketing team at (732) 914-2246 or send us an e-mail.


140,000+ fans Dover
International Speedway

70,000 fans-Alltel Stadium

17,000 fans-Orlando Arena

100,000+ fans
CART Grand Prix of Houston

Road Impressions